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Custom sleep plugs are designed to reduce sounds in your environment that can cause disturbances or keep you up at night. Omni Hearing provides custom sleep plugs to countless clients who have experienced sleep problems or hearing concerns related to:

  • SnoringSleep Plugs for snoring - Omni Hearing in Woodbridge and Oakville
  • Traffic
  • Noisy pets & neighbours
  • Night shift work
  • Airplane travel
  • Noisy work environments
  • Heavy machinery
  • Power Tools
  • Lawnmowers/Snowblowers

Unlike disposable earplugs, custom sleep plugs are made specifically to match the shape of your ears. They will not fall out, come loose, or cause discomfort while being worn. This makes them especially effective for restless sleepers and for people who find wearing disposable earplugs uncomfortable.

How Are Custom Sleep Plugs Made?

Custom sleep plugs are created using Omni Hearing’s earmold impression technique. Made from a soft, medical-grade silicone which creates an extremely comfortable, non-toxic, tool that can be used to reduce noise levels.

Omni Hearing will have your custom sleep plugs ready approximately 5-10 business days following your earmold impression. Contact us or click here to arrange an earmold impression to get your own custom made sleep plugs, and get the peace and quiet you’ve been missing!


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