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Hearing Loss Info

Hearing Loss


Think you may have hearing loss?

It is best practice to check a hearing loss as soon as possible. We can help determine if a hearing loss is being caused by wax in your ear, an ear infection, certain types of medicine, exposure to noise, or ag

Does someone you know have hearing loss?

Do you have to shout or repeat yourself so that a loved one can hear what you say? This can lead to miscommunication, and frustration for both parties involved. We suggest scheduling a hearing test to find out why they may be experiencing such difficulty hearing you.

What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss is the reduced ability to hear sounds due to a faulty component of the ear. There are 3 types of hearing loss, Conductive, Sensorineural, and Mixed. Almost half of all hearing losses are preventable, and 90% of all hearing losses can be treated with a hearing aid.

What are some signs of hearing loss?

– Difficulty hearing people in groups

– Asking others to repeat themselves often

– Withdrawing oneself from social activities or environments

– Increased volume on the TV and Radio

– Misunderstanding what someone has said

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